saddle fit mold

Saddle fit is the number one priority to your horse. With an EQUImeasure Kit you can make a 3D mold of your horse’s back. You can take the mold with you while saddle shopping to make sure the saddle matches the rock and twist of the back, not just the width.

You’re finicky about the hay you buy. You track vet records on your calendar at work. You spend more time calculating nutrition and supplements than taxes. You plan training and conditioning regimens before family vacations. Shouldn’t you be as careful with how your horse’s saddle fits?

Saddle Fit Assessment

Proper saddle fit is one of the most important elements of equine health

Have A Saddle Built

Provide an EQUImeasure mold to a custom saddle maker for perfect fit

Evaluate Equine Asymmetry

See if you are on the right track in your training

Learn more about saddle fit