Dave and CJ, Synergist Saddles“We’ve been using the EQUImeasure Kit since 2003 and can’t imagine our business without them. The EQUImeasure Kit has enabled us to build and fit a custom saddle for our customer’s horse or mule where ever they live. We have saddles all over the world! With all the difference in body types even within the same breed there is no way you can fit a horse or mule by only a wither tracing and a couple of pictures. The EQUImeasure is a scientific way to fit an animal long distance. It’s just like having the animal in the shop.

Thanks EQUImeasure!”

Dave and CJ Dipietra, Synergist Saddles

“Using your product, I made a model of my cutting horse’s back and sent it to a custom saddle maker over 1000 miles away. Today I received my new saddle and Wow! I’ve never seen a saddle fit this well. My horse moves like nothing’s on top of him . . . your EQUImeasure Kit is right on the money!”

“As a horse mom on a tight budget, I can’t say enough good about the EQUImeasure Kit. I was struggling to find “new” used saddles for my two growing children, ages 11 and 15. We bought an EQUImeasure Kit and made a model of one horse to bring to our state Horse Expo. Upon finding a great-fitting saddle for that horse (at a great price), we hurried home, re-heated the product, and made a model of a second horse. We returned to the Expo the next morning and bought a second well-fitting used saddle. We will now check saddle fit on my horse using the same Kit. To me this is true economy! Thank you.”

“I ordered my Kit last week and have to tell you -what a marvelous product! Easy in and out of the oven, easy on and off of my horse, and a remarkable way to choose a new saddle.”

Donna – Upstate New York

Katee“I am thrilled with the new EQUImeasure product. With it, I can fit a tree to a horse or mule and not lose sleep at night, worrying that I might’ve missed something. Today tree fitting is so much more complicated than it used to be, we have so many different types of animals even within a breed, that tree fitting has become a real art. It is so difficult that many saddles have left out the tree altogether, or gone to flexible, thus eliminating the hassle.

“Your product has allowed me to see much more than I have ever been able to see even with a bare tree fitting. Even with a tree on a horse I still cannot see underneath the tree, to pinpoint future possible pressure spots, and uneven shoulders are difficult to see unless very pronounced. The EQUImeasure allows me to see all over the tree, and how it fits, without guesswork. This, plus knowing how the muslces work and move, allows me to get a perfect fit. I can spend more time making saddles and less time worrying about fitting them.

“Recently I spoke with one of my treemakers, who is working with an EQUImeasure I sent to him. He announced that there was no way that we could have possibly found a tree to fit without the EQUImeasure; even with it he’d spent a whole day working on fitting it with the proper bar. We could’ve used up hours of talking time, and ended up stressed and without a good fitting tree. Instead, he had the mule’s back right in his tree-shop, and no guesswork.

“Thanks, EQUImeasure!”

Katee Owens, Owner, Advantage Saddles
and Sue, her very satisfied customer

“Dear EQUImeasure,

“You’ve turned this skeptic into a believer! I thought I’d seen it all in horse products – after all, I’ve been around horses all my 64 years. My wife saw your magazine ad and decided to order your EQUImeasure Kit. I watched her create a perfect model of her mare’s back in a matter of minutes. She then carried it into the tack store and bought a saddle that fits her and her horse to a “T”!

“Enclosed is a check to buy my own EQUImeasure Kit. Who says old cowboys can’t learn new tricks?”

Dan – Montana

Dear EQUImeasure,

Jenny and BuckI am a pleasure rider lucky to be in the saddle a few hours per week. I never thought I rode long or hard enough for poor saddle fit to affect my gelding, Buck.

About 6 months ago Buck began to get “grumpy” during our weekend trail rides, and he’d tense up when I brushed him…

…yesterday I used your EQUImeasure Kit to find that my saddle tree was too narrow, and that Buck’s left side was quite a bit more muscled than his right (maybe due to poor saddle fit, says my vet). Today a tack shop used my EQUImeasure model to help me select a saddle that fits. I now plan to work to strengthen the muscles on Buck’s right side … I’ll update you on our progress.

Thanks for helping me help my horse!

Jenny – Colorado

Bravo to EQUImeasure!

Finally, a saddle fit product that is what it claims to be – accurate and easy! I’ve struggled for three years to find a saddle that fits my molly mule. There’s only so many paper tracings, bent coathangers, and sweaty saddle pads a person can collect in the attempt – I was at my limit. I never really trusted the measurements made from those items.

Your EQUImeasure Kit was a snap to use – it will be invaluable for finding the right saddle for the both of us. Given the amount of time and money invested in our mules’ health and training, I now consider the EQUImeasure Kit inexpensive insurance.

I just ordered a second Kit – a great Christmas gift for my husband and his new Jack mule – and confidence that we’ll now purchase the right saddle for them the first time.

Sincerely, Mary – Tennessee