Why you need an EQUImeasure1) Equine bodies change over time just as people’s bodies do.

2) “One size fits all” doesn’t work for people, and it doesn’t work for equines.

3) Saddle pads often don’t solve saddle fit problems – they may even exacerbate them. How many saddle pads have you purchased that “just aren’t quite right”?

4) Equines vary in their tolerance of pain and irritation. Some may not outwardly display signs of poor saddle fit until health problems become serious.

5) So many heartfelt investments are riding on your equine:

  • Choring, grooming, tending, and mending
  • Countless hours of training and conditioning
  • Pasture, fencing, and facility expenses
  • Truck, trailer, and equipment costs
  • Farrier and vet visits
  • Hay, grain, minerals, vitamins, and other supplements
  • Memberships, entry fees, associations, and contracts
  • Competition expenses

6) Save your hard-earned time and money:

  • No time off work for onsite saddle fitting – use the Kit any time you want to check saddle fit in minutes
  • No trailering your equine to a tack shop or saddle maker
  • No paying to ship multiple saddle trees or demo saddles
  • No second-guessing wire tracings or tape measurements
  • No messy or time-consuming casts
  • No lost money from purchasing an improperly fitting saddle
  • Reusable Kits make checking numerous horses and saddles easy and economical.

7) Kits are universal – they model any equine back to check any type of saddle for fit.

8) You wouldn’t build a house without blueprints. Why build a new saddle without an EQUImeasure Kit?

9) The only way to measure and accurately fit a three-dimensional animal is with a three-dimensional product.

10) You deserve the peace of mind of knowing your equine is healthy, comfortable, and able to perform to his full potential.

Can you afford NOT to use an EQUImeasure?